How to create visual magic.

Adventure Studios works directly with each client to capture emotion in every shot. Under the seasoned leadership of photographer John Linn, Adventure Studios is your choice for images that move the viewer to action, and your brand toward success.

Anyone can pick up a digital SLR, point it at a subject and fire off a shot. But capturing that indefinable magic requires a skill set that most mortals don’t possess. Yet it’s something that’s alive and well at Adventure Studios.

EYE.  Seeing the shot, even if it’s within a millisecond of the action, is a gift. It only happens when the person behind the viewfinder is blessed with an eye for composition, light and art. John Linn, chief shooter at Adventure Studios, has the eye, along with jungle-cat reflexes to pull the trigger at the perfect moment.

GUTS.  The best photographers are the brave ones. Those with the cajones to take risks for a unique angle or style that’s never been done before. Like the time John balanced on the nose of a PWC at high speed to get the shot! Having guts also means being courageous enough to break new technical ground; with innovations in lighting, booms, housings and more. Every day, Adventure Studios redefines what photography is.

BRAIN.  Adventure Studios is smart, whether we’re on-location or in post-production. You’ve never seen a crew work with more intelligence, efficiency, enthusiasm and attention to our clients’ needs. And we continually invest in the finest technology and training to stay at the forefront of our industry. To do less just wouldn’t be smart.

SOUL.  This might be the most important ingredient in the Adventure Studios success story. It’s our passion – our heart and soul - to take better pictures than anyone else.