Going with the flow.

Our workflow structure optimizes productivity, cost efficiency and client interaction.

In studio, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you and your team to ensure that all objectives are met. If you can’t be on-site, we patch you into the process and route real-time images to your workstation for immediate approvals on all shots.

When out on location, it’s no different. For example, on a recent Polaris ATV shoot in the California desert, we ate dust at 50 MPH taking pictures – yet still were reviewing images in real-time on laptop and ipad.  Back in our air-conditioned mobile studio RV, we were able to review and edit images on workstation and 30" monitor. Communication is constant on hands-free radios. On the water in our photo boat, it’s the same scenario. Our clients are always an intimate part of the process.

Following a shoot, we create online photo libraries for client review and selection.  Once chosen, we polish the photographs in post-production to make them perfect. You simply won’t find a studio that’s more particular about meticulous re-touch.  It’s a bulletproof workflow that delivers the highest-quality images with unmatched time and cost efficiencies.